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Full Service

This plan is available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasionally. A meal consists of one entrée and one side dish, which can either be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Price does not include the cost of food. I charge a basic fee plus food cost rather than an all-inclusive fee for one simple reason: you pay for exactly what you get no more, no less. Food based on special dietary needs, such as the use of spelt flour versus wheat flour for those with wheat allergies, or premium items, such as organic produce, tenderloin, lamb, veal or lobster, do not have to be added to the total.

3 x 4 Three meals, four servings (12 total meals) $175

4 x 4 Four meals, four servings (16 total meals) $225

5 x 4 Five meals, four servings (20 total meals) $275

Fresh Service
This plan provides meals that are prepared and packaged for the refrigerator, to be eaten the same week. You maximize the availability of seasonal fresh produce on this plan. It also gives you the option of having fresh salads and certain soups as entrées, such as a nice Nicoise Salad, or Gazpacho, a refreshingly cold, summertime soup using a pureed mixture of fresh vegetables. Pricing is the same for fresh service and full service.

Additional entrees are available at $10 per person.

Additional side dishes are available at $5 per person.

Pricing includes the following services:

  • Conduct initial assessment of food preferences and dietary needs
  • Design customized menu
  • Shop for groceries
  • Bring my own equipment to your home and prepare meals
  • Package, label, date and store food with heating instructions
  • Clean up kitchen and remove trash

Pantry Fee: There is an annual $50 pantry fee for items from my “at home” pantry. These may include beans, nuts, rice, pastas, flours and sugars in bulk, seasoning and herbs, canola and olive oils, cooking spray, vinegars, cooking wines and specialty sauces, and canned goods, including tomatoes, tomato paste and low fat broths.

Container Fee: There is a $40-$125 container fee depending on whether you prefer plastic disposable, such as Gladware® or Ziploc®, more durable plastic containers, such as Rubbermaid® or Tupperware®, or re-usable glass containers, such as Corningware® or Pyrex®. These brands manufacturer appropriately sized containers with tight fitting lids for storing one, two or four servings. Your decision will be based on whether you prefer to use the oven or microwave for heating food. Efficient fridge and freezer storage is one of the reasons I prefer to select the appropriate uniform-sized storage containers for my clients.

I cater in-home events for a maximum of 50 people. These may include dinner parties, brunches, barbeques, weekend retreats, and celebrations, such as anniversaries, retirement parties, graduations, birthdays, holidays, house warmings, baby and bridal showers, and small wedding and commitment ceremony receptions. I charge $35 an hour for my services, $15 an hour per assistant, based on one staff person for every 12 guests, plus food costs. I do not charge rental for chafing dishes or serving trays, platters or bowls. My minimum charge is $250. I require a 10-day notice for one-time service. One-half of the total is due upon booking. The second half is due on the day of the event. If a cancellation is received at least 10 days prior to the event, one-half of the deposit is refunded.

Gift Certificates
Adventuress Catering’s Personal Chef service makes a wonderful gift for newlyweds, new parents, those returning home from surgery, the hard-to-please, or anyone to whom you want to give a gift of health. Show your appreciation for important clients or employees with a gift certificate for my Personal Chef service.

Cooking Classes
I offer cooking classes for children ages 6 and up and adults. Suggested maximum class size is 8. All equipment is provided. Classes include fresh, prepped food ingredients, food safety, hands-on instruction for preparing food, and best of all, eating the final product! Cost is $35 per hour, plus the cost of food.

I offer clients 20% off their next cook date when one of their referrals becomes a personal chef service client.

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